Shooting Stars (Shooting Stars, #1-4)

FOUR GIRLS TOUCHED BY SPECIAL GIFTS FOUR STUNNING NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERS TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME CinnamonShe Escaped Her Family S Turmoil By Dreaming Of Imaginary Worlds But It S Her Talent For The Theater That Gives Cinnamon A Chanceto Truly Escape IceTo Her Mother S Dismay, She Was A Silent Wallflower, Not A Social Butterfly Now, Her Secret Gift Her Solid Gold Singing Voice May Become Her Saving Grace RoseWhen She Danced, She Could Dream And When Her Father S Secrets Threatened To Destroy Her World, A Most Unlikely Person Gives Rose The Courage To Follow Her Heart HoneyRaised On Her Strict Grandfather S Farm, Her Natural Born Talent For The Violin Gave Her A New Life And Love With A Handsome Soul Mate Will A Shocking Revelation Shatter Her Newfound HappinessShooting Stars (Shooting Stars, #1-4)

Virginia Andrews, V Andrews,

[KINDLE] ✿ Shooting Stars (Shooting Stars, #1-4) ❃ V.C. Andrews –
  • Paperback
  • 656 pages
  • Shooting Stars (Shooting Stars, #1-4)
  • V.C. Andrews
  • English
  • 10 February 2019
  • 9780743449021

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    Compared to Orphans and Wildflowers, this series was pretty bland and trashy Neiderman takes previously used tropes cliches and amps them up to 11, resulting in some pretty cardboard characters and ridiculous stories.Crazy domineering grandmother Check Mentally ill relatives Check Absent enabler parent or spouse Check and check Cheating spouses Check check check Teen drama Check Attempted rape and or murder Check Stereotypes, showing lack of under...

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    Let me do something different with this review by talking about metaphors here There are 112 metaphors in Ice and 124 in Rose Those might not seem like large numbers, you might think, because readers don t normally take note of how many metaphors there are in stories But it s impossible not to become aware of them in V.C Andrews books The worst examples aren t from the two novellas I mentioned above, but I collected the worst from the other two Honey has the smallest metaphor count, at 67 metaphors total, but this awful metaphor makes up for that Her lips softened and spread like two strips of butter in a frying pan Cinnamon, the first of these novellas, ends up with about 114 metaphors, and also the most laughable Take, for example, this one mixed metaphor that s actually painful to read her eyes glittering like little knives, her wry lips squirming back and into the corners of her cheeks like worms in pain Mixed metaphors are the absolute worst ...

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    I originally reviewed this back in 2011 almost four years to do the date started June 19 , though I was all over this books bar Honey s, as I never managed to get a copy when it was released in 2001 I m going to review each of these books separately, which I didn t do the first time round.CinnamonSo Cinnamon is apparently a gothic styled girl, who lives with her mother, father and grandmother Her mother is expecting a baby, which starts off all the drama Cinnamon is also a would be actress who, up until this point, has apparently never taken an acting class or stepped onstage Right.Cinnamon was always my least favourite novella in this series She was just weird You know the general cliche, of 14 year old weaboo otherkin creatures who live in their own fantasy world That s what I felt Cinnamon was, just in the days before Myspace, Tumblr and what have you She starts off sane enough, when she talks about the stories her mother and her made up about the previous owners of the house But she suddenly believes it s all real, and her and her boyfriend, Clarence have sex as all the girls experiment with are possessed and act out the previous tenants actions Look, I know the boy wants to get his dick wet, but, uh, I d have gone with Grandmother Beverly in this case.I find it a little hard to swallow that the school would accept a girl with no formal ...

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    This book follows a similar style to Wildflowers, but these girls have a specific music acting talent that eventually gets them admitted to a special talent school Not as good as Wildflowers, but still a fairly compelling read.

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    The only good thing I can say about this book is that I m glad it was free For the first time ever, I could not finish a book After reading the first 2 stories, I was so miserable I just left the book sitting there for an entire day, debating with myself whether I could actually continue I found other, enjoyable things to do instead Like folding the laundry And cleaning the bathrooms And vacuuming This morning I decided to dig in and try again, since the house was clean and I d already gone grocery and school supply shopping Reading this book was now a chore and I managed to crawl through the third story with no interest and major effort Maybe that 4th story was the pi ce de r sistance I guess I ll never know.I read VC Andrews when I was a 13 or 14 years old The series with Heaven in it I thought it was fantastic It was the first book I d ever read that provoked an emotional response I have no idea if that series is actually good or not or if it was just my reaction to something completely differ...

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    This was a surprisingly good book And all of the stories ended happily That rarely happens completely in VC Andrews books This book is 4 short stories in 1 big book Cinnamon A gothic dressing girl who has hopes of becoming a famous actress Ice A very quiet girl who is very soft spoken She does however possess the ability to sing, and sing well enough to mesmerize all that hear her lovely voice.Rose A girl with the ability to dance It comes by quite a surprise in a way, along with the long lost half brother she never even knew existed.Honey The girl with the golden violin From a corn farm in Ohio, this girl can play the violin like no other.Each girl overcomes some type of family tragedy and is picked to continue their schooling after graduation at a performing arts school in New York The four girls meet in the sequel to this book, Fallen Stars, which I am...

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    This is a 4 series book, all wrapped up in one It was about four different girls Cinnamon, Ice, Rose, and Honey, who came from dysfunctional who doesn t families and their talents were their way out In the end of each stories, their unique acting or musical talents had gotten them a spot in a prestige musical and performing school in New York City That is where everyone eventually ended up in the 5th book, wh...

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    None of the stories are really remarkable, and the romance parts progress too quickly Cinnamon and Honey are my favorites, probably because they deal with strict and mentally unstable grandparents, something I have experience with Nonetheless Cinnamon probably has the most realistic end of them all,...

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    I love V.C Andrews I mean, let s face it, this is literary genius, but it s oh so fun to read However, these short stories were a little bit of a let down They seemed to have a common theme, but there just wasn t enoughhow do I say it.soap opera drama that is in her oth...

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    I enjoyed this book, but it was the first of V.C s shorter stories I d read and it left me wanting from the girls stories I m excited to read the last book with all of them together, but as a rule I seem to like her longer novels better.

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