Lost In Translation: Misadventures In English Abroad

In Today S World, No Self Respecting English Language Enthusiast Could Have Failed To Notice The Frequent And Flagrant Abuse Of Our Native Tongue By Pesky Foreigners Forgetting, For A Moment, The Fact That Many Nations Speak Our Language Better Than We Do Lost In Translation Features Hundreds Of Genuine, Original, And Utterly Ridiculous Examples Of The Misadventures In English Discovered All Over The World By The Author And His Intrepid Team Of Researchers Everything From Hotel Signs To Baffling Advertisements, Such As The German Beauty Product Offering A Cream Shower For Pretentious Skin Or The Japanese Bar That Boasts Special Cocktails For Ladies With Nuts, Or The French Warning At A Swimming Pool Swimming Is Forbidden In The Absence Of The Savior Published In Paperback For The First Time This Autumn, Lost In Translation Demonstrates How Widely The English Language Has Traveled, Though Unfortunately Some Of It Seems To Have Got A Bit Scrambled En Route.Lost In Translation: Misadventures In English Abroad

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Lost In Translation: Misadventures In English Abroad book, this is one of the most wanted Charlie Croker author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Lost In Translation: Misadventures In English Abroad
  • Charlie Croker
  • English
  • 06 April 2019
  • 9781843172727

10 thoughts on “Lost In Translation: Misadventures In English Abroad

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    During a holiday in Philadelphia sum three or four weeks ago we ventured into the local Chinatown and its malls and beheld a sign that read WARNING STEALING WILL GET YOU TO MEET THE LOCAL POLICE Whether it was just the excessive heat and or exhaustion we were all crippled by at this point of the journey or not I m unsure, but we all fell apart laughing and upon discovering this book back at home at a nearby bookstore I just had to have it Oodles of fun and hilarity at the misfortune of failed attempts at translation Croker s pages...

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    I started reading this book just as my husband fell asleep beside me.He was not amused when I woke him up with my giggles which quickly turned into uncontrollable laughter I was given the book by one of my Japanese EFL students who had found it funny and was proud that his English was such that he could correct the errors As a native English speaker who has attempted to learn Spanish, French, I...

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    Lost in Translation is a collection of English mistakes culled from signages, travel brochures, and product labels as seen by Charlie Croker from his many travels across the globe.I had a few laughs initially but it got boring after a few pages It s a book not...

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    This book was an amusing enough read but not nearly as funny or hilarious as the reviews said it was What really bothered me is that the book contains quite a few inaccuracies there s no such city as Algericas in Spain, it s Algeciras , translation mistakes of its own p t de maison in France , I don t think so and that some of the supposedly hilarious translations are only funn...

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    I mean it was fine But this sort of book kinda seems obsolete now we have social media, the mistranslations are just the sort of thing that you really only want to read a couple of at a time.That being said, here are some favourites Do not bring spillables like chicken soup and dust plug the phone jack into the wall If the phone rings, pick it up and greet the person on the other end by saying Hello or another such greeting Once completing your conversation, hang up the phone Notice Ram...

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    Hilarious This book is a light read that shows readers the importance of language, terminology and the common mistake of doing literal translations from one language to the other I don t think it means to offend the people of th...

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    I read this whilst sat waiting for a flight so it felt like a very appropriate book It was a bit of a mixed bag really Some were so funny I found myself laughing out loud and getting some very funny looks off people Others weren t that funny.I didn t think the cartoons added anything and I would have preferred it had the book been pictures of the signs, rather than just a written description I m also not sure whether this book is relevant any since we can fin...

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    2.5 3 stars.How are you supposed to rate such a book It s exactly what it s supposed to be a book about weird, funny translations found all around the world.Although, I didn t laugh, some were worth a smile I guess.

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