The Masks of Time

Vornan 19 Fell From The Sky, Naked, And Landed On The Spanish Steps In Rome On Christmas Afternoon Toward The End Of The Millennium And For Leo Garfield Things Would Never Be The Same For He Is An Acknowledged Expert In The Time Reversal Properties Of Sub Atomic Particlesand Vornan 19 Claims To Come From Far In The Future Whether Or Not He Is Telling The Truth, A Nervous And Edgy World Accepts The Charming And Magnetically Charismatic Vornan As Some Kind Of Messiah Even Garfield And His Fellow Scientists Fall Under Vornan S Spell But, Has He Really Traveled Across Time Or Is He Just A Charlatan And A Fraud A Compassionate And Powerful Novel Worthy Of Comparison To Stranger In A Strange Land.The Masks of Time

Robert Silverberg is one of science fiction s most beloved writers, and the author of such contemporary classics as Dying Inside, Downward to the Earth and Lord Valentine s Castle, as well as At Winter s End, also available in a Bison Books edition He is a past president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the winner of five Nebula Awards and five Hugo Awards In 2004 the Sc

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    I had long thought that Philip K Dick s 1964 66 period was the most intensely productive and prolific streak that any sci fi author of note has ever enjoyed, with nine major novels produced during those three years But as it turns out, Robert Silverberg, seven years P.K s junior, has got him beat by a mile During the three year period 1967 69, Silverberg somehow managed the superhuman feat of releasing no less than 15 novels six in 67, three in 68 and six again in 69 and all of them, reportedly, of a very high and literate quality Silverberg s fiction began to mature immensely in 67, by which time he had already released some two dozen full length sci fi novels since his first in 1954, and a look at the book in question, 1968 s The Masks of Time, will serve to reveal how capable a writer he had become by this point Released in May of that year as a 75 cent Ballantine paperback, the novel deservedly garnered a Nebula Award nomination it ultimately lost to Alexei Panshin s excellent Rite of Passage and stands as a wonderful, intelligent entertainment to this day, 45 years later Although there have been dozens of sci fi books dealing with an individual s use of a time travel device to visit the past or futur...

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    Vornan 19 has travelled back in time to the present day the late 90s, as imagined in the early 70s His mission is to warn vaguely about an impending millennial catastrophe and have sex with a lot of people.It tran...

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    I have read, enjoyed, and given positive reviews to enough Silverberg novels that I am comfortable with writing this one off as boring.

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    Novela de ciencia ficci n escrita en los sesenta sobre un visitante del futuro que llega del a o 2999 al a o 1999 en pleno cambio de siglo, nos muestra una visi n muy optimista del autor sobre los progresos que se lograr an hasta el a o 2000 y para eso crea este visitante del futuro llamado Ver...

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    Following Heinlein s Stranger in a Strange Land which showed an innocent Messiah transforming human society and creating chaos, Silverberg presents us with a much structured and indeed literary examination of Humanity s need for faith, and what a double edged sword that may be.The setting is 1999, or at least it begins on Christmas day 1998 when Vornan 19, a visitor from the far future, manifests naked in a public square in Rome.The date is symbolic for the purposes of the novel, since although the visitor claims no knowledge of Christ or the date of his birth, many people see his coming on this day as a religious sign whereas there is the subliminal suggestion to the reader that he may be the antichrist.Earth at this time is gripped by a new religious mania, an apocalyptic cult who believe that the world will end at the turn of the century they are destructive and Bacchanalian, seeing sex and rioting as the preferred activities with which to fill one s time in the final months before destruction.Vornan, of course, stands in the face of their beliefs, since if he is indeed from the future, then the world is not going to end The novel is the journal of scientist Leo Garfield who has been conducting experiments in how to send subatomic particles into the past His assistant, Jack Bryant, appears to be on the verge of discovering how to produce limitless free energy, and in a possible crisis of conscience quits his job to live a self sufficient life in the desert with his ...

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    Compelling, inspiring, thoughtful and challenging My favorite Silverberg after Lord Valentine s Castle and the first two Prestimion books Truly powerful and stands the test of time A must read.

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    Three and a half stars Pretty good Silverberg novel about a mysterious visitor from 1000 years in the future The book takes place in 1999, and not so dissimilar to our own 1999 many people are convinced of a disaster at the new millennium never mind that it actually started in 2001, which is pointed out in the book The Appocolyptists riot, engage in debauchery, and generally stir up trouble Then Vornan 19 appears from the future, putting the world into even turmoil The narrator is an eminent physicist who has experimented with time travel succeeding in sending electrons back in time by a few seconds and has been tasked with a team of other specialists to study Vornan and try to determine if he s really from the future or a hoax One amusing aspect of the book, which was written several years before the time frame the world of 1999 is both much advanced than even 2017 today, and much primitive There are permanent cities on the moon, rapid rocket travel across th...

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    At first, I thought this book was going to be a 5 star Just like Heinlein s Stranger in a Strange World, we are introduced to the same type of intriguing main character, Vornan 19, fraud or time traveler, and he starts out by doing and saying really interesting things If only Silverberg could have sustained the interest he generated in his premise After the introduction to the main character 9 pages , we don t see him again for 80 pages, almost 40% of the way into the book Instead, we get to see who the welcoming committee will be Yawn.When we finally do meet Vornan 19 again, the action picks up only to then be slowed down by tortuous, slow description Page 105 107, three paragraphs Page 108 is its own paragraph, as is page 109 Add to all the description the novelty at least if you re a late 60s flower child of free love and the glorification of uninhibited nudism and you have a recipe for the tritest titillation imaginable.Despite all the 1...

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    It s a interesting book It s a Robert Silverberg s Book, very humane, all about relations and not a lot of actions A little bit patriarchal, but Robert Silverberg always are It s not his best book But it s new in the time travel genre He proposed in this book a new projection for the future ...

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    6 10 Media de los 30 libros le dos del autor 6 10Le mucho a Silverberg de chaval Junto a joyas como Tiempo de mutantes o El hombre en el laberinto o incluso la saga e Majipur tiene libros normalitos o malos malos En...

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