The Phony Marine: A Novel

Veteran Newsman And Acclaimed Novelist Jim Lehrer Exposes Worlds Both Intimate And Universal, Builds Suspense With An Accomplished Hand, And Reveals A Savvy Understanding Of The Modern Social Landscape With The Phony Marine, Lehrer Dives Into A Highly Controversial Topic And Delivers His Most Compelling Character Portrait To Date.Hugo Marder Is About As Unremarkable As They Come On The Floor Of The Washington, D.C., Branch Of Nash Brothers, One Of The Country S Most Respected Men S Stores, Hugo Is A Wise, Reserved Salesman At Home, He Is A Solitary, Divorced Fifty Year Old With Few Friends And An EBay Addiction But He Has Always Wanted To Make Of His Life, Dreaming Of Becoming An Artist Or A Cartoonist When He Was Younger, He D Always Wanted To Be A Marine.Late One Night, Hugo Stumbles Upon An Online Auction For A Silver Star, The Medal Awarded For Bravery In Battle He Bids And Wins But It Is Only After He Places The Lapel Pin On His Jacket That He Realizes The Enormity Of His Actions Suddenly, Ordinary People Begin To Treat Him Differently, With Dignity And Respect Is He Really Going To Pretend The Honor Is His Own As Hugo Wrestles With His Conscience, A Transformation Begins To Take Place He Studies The Life Of A Marine, Learns The Military Terminology, Body Builds At The Gym, Even Gets A Crew Cut When He Is Reborn As A Former Marine, His Life Immediately Changes Is It Possible That His Deception Has Unlocked The Man He Always Wanted To Be Through Numerous Challenges And Than One Terrifying Ordeal, Hugo Marder Must Prove His Worth And In The End, He Must Ask Himself What Is A Hero Alive With Detail, Emotional Depth, And Unexpected Twists Of Plot, The Phony Marine Is A Tense, Revelatory Work Of Fiction That Will Cause Every Reader To Consider His Or Her Own Stance On What Truly Makes Someone Great.The Phony Marine: A Novel

James Charles Lehrer is an American journalist and the news anchor for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS, known for his role as a frequent debate moderator during elections Lehrer is an author of non fiction and fiction, drawing from his experiences and interests in history and politics.

PDF / Epub ☄ The Phony Marine: A Novel Author Jim Lehrer –
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • The Phony Marine: A Novel
  • Jim Lehrer
  • English
  • 09 May 2018
  • 9781400064861

10 thoughts on “The Phony Marine: A Novel

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    Main character buys a Silver Star online and becomes a new man and a real hero, end is a little weak, but a good quick read, with an interesting idea.

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    Wow, I thought, a book by The Man himself Right up there with Walter Cronkite and Daniel Shorr, Jim Lehrer is the quintessential serious white news guy in Joaquino s World Until I saw this book on the shelf at the library I had no idea he was also a fiction writer And not just a dabbler in fiction writing the guy s churned out almost 20 books From reading the dust jacket, this book had a lot of themes of personal interest to me military service and the mark that leaves on people the meaning of being a hero grappling with self identity and attempts to come to terms with and change it cool people doing cool things I didn t know they did Unfortunately, I was left with a ho hum feeling after finishing the book It s the story of a disappointed, middle aged salesman kind of like the main character from Death of a Salesman, only he doesn t commit suicide in this one who purchases a Silver Star medal on...

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    A light hearted story of a man who tries to better himself by impersonating a war hero At times unrealistic, I was able to identify with the subject, as I think we all dream sometimes about what our liv...

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    This is my 14th Lehrer book each one is just a great look at interesting parts of everyday living He could write on any subject and I d love it who could imagine I would be enad with the Marine Corps, but I was Sempre Fi

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    Fifty some year old Hugo Marder leads a pedantic unremarkable life Divorced, he works as a salesman in a Washington, D.C men s store He d has wanted to do He had wanted to be a marine, but missed out during the Vietnam War when he purposely avoided military service An online auction for a Silver Star medal changes his life He bids and wins He discovers that wearing the pin on his lapel brings attention he has never received People begin to respect him and treat him like a privileged one He likes the attention, but is torn when his own conscience tells him to do the right thing Conscience loses Hugo now goes through a process of looking like and speaking like a Marine Physical training sessions to tone his flabby body, buzzed hair, a new talk and a new walk make him attractive even to his ex wife He is challenged to keep his secret benefits of being a hero begin to show One day, however, he is actually given a chance to become a hero on his own This book held my interest as Lehrer brings out the themes of heroism, prevarication, and, finally, doing the right thing It is simple reading, but the story, despite the book s short length, dragged on at times I never won the Silver Star and never served in the Marine Corps Three with whom I served won Silver Stars through the army I do not recall any lapel pins to be worn with civilian clothes accom...

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    Published in 2006 by Random HouseJim Lehrer, best known as the host of PBS s NewsHour is also an author of fiction and a former Marine In this briskly paced short book Lehrer introduces us to Hugo Marder, a clothing salesman at a high end men s store Hugo has lived an utterly unexceptional life and we join him as he is perusing eBay looking for cuff links to add to his collection Yes, this is a man who collects cuff links he is that boring.But, that night Hugo notes that someone is selling a Silver Star medal that was awarded to a Marine in Vietnam and he buys it The Silver Star is only given for bravery in battle This is no lightweight award and people who have not won it should not wear it Hugo gets the Silver Star and on a lark he wears it one evening He enjoys the attention he receives and begins to learn how to act a...

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    Jim Lehrer, veteran newsman and acclaimed novelist, discusses his new novel, The Phony Marine Exposing worlds both intimate and universal, Lehrer builds suspense with an accomplished hand, and reveals a savvy understanding of the modern social landscape Alive with detail, emotional depth and unexpected plot twists...

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    Jim Lehrer has become one of my favorite authors The I write the difficult it is for an author to please me, but Jim Lehrer has aced the task.Lehrer weaves a story that is amusing and intriguing as the protangonist struggles with an age old moral issue of trying to convince people he is someone he is not I fell in love with the character, a mundane clot...

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    This book is not a thriller along the lines of Michael Crichton or James Patterson, but I was unable to quit reading until I learned the outcome The combination of character, story and topic made this book irresistible to me Read Michelle s review on the library s blog

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    This was a very discussable premise for a book How do we behave differently based on our dress appearance, and how are we treated differently based on these things Good book club read, and an easy read.

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