Valor (Valor, #2)

What Is Valor Valor Is A Comic Anthology Project Composed Of Adapted, Re Imagined, Or Invented Fairy Tales Showcasing The Talent Of Numerous Creators The Anthology Is Aimed At All Age Readers, And Is LGBTQA Friendly The Purpose Of The Stories Is To Pay Homage To The Strength, Resourcefulness, And Cunning Of Female Heroines In Fairy Tales Although Fairy Tales Are Often Presented As A Feminine Form Of Literature Due To The Abundance Of Princesses, A Lot Of Classic Princess Archetypes Are Passive, Asleep, Imprisoned, Or Offered As A Prize Valor, And All The Creators Participating In It, Want To Give Female Heroines The Roles They Deserve, To Inspire Young And Old Readers Alike.Valor (Valor, #2)

Isabelle Melan on is a French Canadian artist born in 1985 She grew up in a family of book and comic lovers She reads manga, European comics and American comics and has been drawing ever since she could lift a pencil She used to want to be a dragon riding knight, then envisioned a career change as a fantasy writer at the age of 10.Since then, Isabelle has been drawing her way through school, wh

Read ➮ Valor (Valor, #2)  Author Isabelle Melançon –
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Valor (Valor, #2)
  • Isabelle Melançon
  • English
  • 03 November 2019

10 thoughts on “Valor (Valor, #2)

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    While it didn t capture me the same way the first volume did nor did I expect it to , I really enjoyed the continuation of the Valor anthologies I think this volume struck a great balance between returning artists and new artists, too As before, there were some stories that I found compelling than others The prose stories, which were a major weak point to me in the first volume, are stronger here, although still feel a touch out of place in the context of so many comic stories A danger of fairytales and retelling them is that sometimes the comics could feel a little heavy handed with the telling not showing, in the case of morals, but I m willing to excuse that because of the source material But sometimes I found myself just kind of sighing and skipping over dialogue text in favor of admiring the pretty pictures instead And...

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    Disclosure I backed this book on Kickstarter An amazing group of talented creators come together for an anthology with amazing art styles to tell fairy tales The opening sets of stories just didn t feel like they were for me it wasn t until The Laughing Queen that I started to really get into the anthology The pros inside the book were something I just passed over although I have intent to get to them I have other reading oblations so I just wanted to be done I found the second half of the anthology had the majority of my favorite stories inside the book Swan Lake, Dragon Slayers Not Permitted, Song Without End, and Dragon Princess in particular really stood out to me as well as The Giant Who Dreamed Of Elves from the earlier half There is a solid enough amount of queer content although I don t think eve...

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    I don t think I enjoyed this quite as much as the first, but omg I can t wait for the 3rd one The prose stories don t interest me as much, but I loved SO MANY of the comic stories And the artwork is faaaabulous.

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    Most of the art is beautiful and the stories are clever have good messaging Still, I don t find them that engaging or memorable in the long run My favorite, art and story both, was The Dragon Princess by AmetAlias.

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    This anthology is amazing The first one was so good, and book two does not disappoint Can t wait for the third

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    Well, there s still a few prose stories and I didn t get the retelling of The Light Princess that I was crossing my fingers for, but this edition holds up about as well as the original.We start off with the beautiful story of The Prince s New Clothes by Isabelle Melan on and Megan Lavey Heaton The prince is due to marry and has seized all the fabrics from the seamstress s guild for his own use His future wife is dismayed that this act would be connected to her as her first royal impression, but the leader of the seamstress s guild may have come up with a way to protest against the prince s thoughtlessness Melan on s artwork takes this story to a new level, with a setting reminiscent of India with lush fabrics and minute patterns filling the page Interestingly, the story continues past the usual ending point the emperor getting humiliated and makes a point of showing that the prince learned a valuable lesson, that he and the guild leader both profited from the story morally and financially , and that no one was beheaded for making him look like an idiot what undoubtedly would have happened off screen in the original version if the con men had been caught Mom Knight and the Centipede by Sara Goetter is a sequel to Lady Tilda from the first book Tilda is a little older and so is her family, but one recent addition is having trouble fitting in and Tilda isn t going to be enough to solve the problem this time I m a su...

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    A sweet anthology.

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    Such a great anthology I loved it just as much as the first volume I think the Lizard King was my favorite story.

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