Not for a Moment

No One Cares Who Started It Only Who Finishes On Top.Jess Langford Hates Being Told What To Do, Hates Everything Medical And Hates That Her Brother Thwarts Any Attempt She Makes At Independence When Jess Moves Out Of The University Dorms Without Telling Her Brother, She Celebrates Her Newfound Freedom With A One Night Stand With A Man She Thinks She Recognizes As Handsome Van Sheffield From The University, But It S Only After They Ve Spent A Night Together That Jess Finds Out Who Van Really Is A Visiting Physiotherapy Consultant Who Has Already Decided Jess Is The Perfect Candidate For His Next Rehabilitation Program.Van Knew Exactly Who Jess Langford Was When He Met Her Stubborn Rebellious Trouble With A Capital T All The Reasons Why Van Knew He Had To Have Her In His Program And In His Bed He Loves The Spark Of Energy That Makes Jess Pick Herself Up Every Time She Falls, Especially When Everyone Else In His Life Has Given Up Van Will Do Whatever It Takes To Harness Jess S Strength Of Will, But He Wasn T Betting On Losing His Own Iron Clad Control.Not for a Moment

Toni J Strawn loves everything romance Hot, bad, crazy, out of control romance She is a self professed maestro of the one night stand and loves throwing the unlikeliest of characters together to create sizzling hot happy ever afters.When not locked away in her Romansion, a tiny writing shed at the bottom of the garden, Toni can be found feeding her addiction to romance, or hanging with her thre

[PDF] ↠ Not for a Moment Author Toni J. Strawn –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 217 pages
  • Not for a Moment
  • Toni J. Strawn
  • English
  • 16 September 2017

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is the third book in the series, and I really enjoyed the previous two This one just didn t quite hit the same spot for me Unusually I really didn t get the behaviour of the lead characters I can t really explain without revealing too much of the story, but I did read it all There were bits that worked well, and there is good level of humour, thanks...

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    This is Toni J Strawn s third book in this series and having read the other two and wholeheartedly enjoyed them, I was looking forward to reading Not for a Moment, the story of Jess and Van I m happy to say that not only was I not disappointed, but I was even impressed with this story than the previous two and it fast became my pick of the series I don t know whether as a developing writer the author is just getting better with every book or if the story itself was appealing, but I loved eve...

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    Not for a Moment has to be Toni J Strawn s best book to date.Jess Langford is a fabulous character She s a feisty little spitfire who demands your attention Determined not to let an injury hold her back she refuses to indulge in self pity, to allow anyone to pity her or to accept anyone s help.So when she meets sexy physiotherapist Van Sheffield, a man who wants to help her regain the ful...

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    Not For A Moment will you be able to put this book down The sexual tension between Jess and Van builds as the story progresses and their love scenes are passionate and intense.The story gripped me from the beginning and I had to know what would happ...

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    I m in love with this series that takes a single, hot, wall pounding one night stand and develops it into a sweet yet totally erotic HEA Jess Langford is ready to shed the pitying glances and whispered conversations and start living her life Two years after a devastating car accident that killed her mother and left her with a mangled leg, Jess is still walking with a limp and refusing to deal with therapyor accurately, therapists Until she meets physiotherapist Van Sheffield, who doesn t just breach her defenses, he demolishes them over and over again, with a smile and a few orgasms Jess is the most stubborn, obstinate woman that Van has ever encountered, and LORD that turns him on something fierce He ll have to get very creative to get Jess to give him and his therapy a chance, but will his heart stand a chance by the time their time is up NOT FOR A MOMENT is the third book in the One Moment series by the talented Ms Strawn, and I loved it as much as the first 2 Jess was such a selfish, bratty bitch most of the book, but Van s persistence in spending time with her both in and out of the bedroom was epic She needed someone like him who wouldn t let her walk all over him but also who knew exactly how to get her to do what he wanted and make it seem like it was all her idea And an additional random fact I kinda love the name Van, too.The two of them had ch...

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    I had a couple of big issues with this book Firstly, Jess She s a brat, constantly stamping her foot and whining because other people are trying to tell her what to do and what s best for her While I can often sympathise with hating being told what to do all the time and being controlled by others, Jess is a rebel for the sake of being rebellious and constantly cuts off her nose to spite her face because she s Independent and Strong Except she isn t Her brother pays for everything and despite her age of twenty three, she acts like a teenager I didn t like her at the start and I liked her even less by the end Especially when it came to her friends and the assault course, which she knew they didn t want to do, but goaded them into it by telling them not to let others dictate their lives while dictating their lives.I couldn t stand her.My second problem was Van As a man who only wants to help those who help themselves, I was utterly baffled about what he saw in Jess Yes, she s trying to live life by her own rules, but in doing so she is completely ignoring her own recovery because in order to get better she ll have to listen to someone else for once Her behaviour was so contradictory to what he seemed to see in her that I couldn t believe any of it He also has trust issues and a nasty habit of not telling anyone what he s doing and lying by omission because else he won t get what he wants.He and Jess deserved each other.Despite those two, however, ...

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    Not for a Moment is book three in Ms Strawn s steamy One Moment series and tells the story of Jess and Van.Jess is the younger rebellious sister of Cole from book two, Momentary Lapse Past traumas have left Jess not only physically injured but emotionally labile She has an intense dislike of the medical profession and anything that reminds her she s less than she was a real shame, because Van the new in town sexy physiotherapist is interested in her, both personally and professionally As with the first two books, Not for ...

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    I usually don t read erotica but this one was a gem A lot of erotica has a problem in that the sex feels crammed into the storyline Not this one The sex is all really hot, and springs organically from the plot which is never exactly predictable Well, some to think of it, neither the plot nor the sex is exactly predictable The plot was interesting dealing with rehabilitation something I m unfamiliar with in my life, so I found that whole world really compelling to read about The main characters are Jess and Van and they are both unusual enough to be really interesting Jess is a little bit like Scarlett O Hara in the heroine that isn t sugar and spice A real woman Van is sexy as hell and when you learn about his back story, he alone makes the book unputdownable H...

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    Well balanced between beautifully drawn characters, and a genuine, heartfelt love story Very hot, too That isn t usually my thing but the love scenes rang true and fitted well with the story itself.

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    there were good things about this book but Jess was soo annoying that she made everything else pale in the shadow of her awfulness

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