Low-flying Aircraft and Other Stories

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James Graham J G Ballard 15 November 1930 19 April 2009 was an English novelist, short story writer, and essayist Ballard came to be associated with the New Wave of science fiction early in his career with apocalyptic or post apocalyptic novels such as The Drowned World 1962 , The Burning World 1964 , and The Crystal World 1966 In the late 1960s and early 1970s Ballard focused on a

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    Seguramente, Ballard sea conocido por El imperio del sol , sobre todo por su estupenda adaptaci n cinematogr fica, quiz s demasiado edulcorada Puede que tambi n por Crash y toda la pol mica movida en torno a ella, y de su adaptaci n, que dej un poso de autor depravado y morboso, que tambi n lo es, aunque solo a veces Pero no cabe duda que Ballard es un excelente escritor, capaz de retratar mundos apocal pticos como pocos, siempre rodeados de una cierta poes a El paisaje es muy importante en su obra, casi realiza un retrato psicol gico del entorno, ruinoso, tanto como sus protagonistas Aparato de vuelo rasante Low Flying Aircraft and Other Stories, 1976 , recopila nueve cuentos donde los aviones suelen estar involucrados, as como los paisajes desolados.La ciudad ltima Halloway es un joven de Ciudad Jard n que decide visitar con su planeador una ciudad cercana que fue abandonada Magn fico relato, el m s largo de la antolog a, donde destacan las descripciones de la ciudad.Aparato de vuelo rasante La trama se sit a en la Costa Brava, una zona tur stica totalmente desolada y desesperanzada La despoblaci n mundial es evidente, y la pareja protagonista espera un hijo Otro estupendo relato.El astronauta muerto El protagonista se desplaza hasta Cabo Ca averal para cumplir el deseo de su esposa, poder recoger los restos de un amigo astronauta que muri y todav a sigue en rbita Excelente relato, mi favorito del libro, junto con...

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    N o foi o melhor que j li do g nero, mas foi com prazer que me estreei na obras de Ballard Apresentado por um amigo meu, A M Catarino, tamb m apreciador deste g nero liter rio, Ballard foi de alguma maneira enaltecido pelo Catarino ao ponto de eu querer muito l lo Este livro um conjunto de contos nos quais Ballard explora uma s rie de ideias, hip teses, palpites, tudo projectado num futuro quase imposs vel, distante, mas que no entanto nos v o parecendo reais medida que os vamos lendo Claro que gostei mais de alguns contos do que de outros Houve alguns que n o me fascinaram, mesmo Outros que fizeram a minha imagina o viajar, ao mesmo tempo que pensava todos aqueles cen rios sugeridos pelo Ballard por exemplo imaginemos que Deus seria descoberto pela ci ncia e, desta feita, provad...

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    I m not sure when exactly these stories were written My guess would be the 1960s, since this seems to be earlier Ballard, which was when he wrote some really great short stories He seemed to move into novel writing later The book begins with a novella titled The Ultimate City One can see some of the themes that Ballard develops later in his novels, and throughout his work the desolate, deserted urban landscapes, the lone masculine hero, the aftermath of advanced technology gone wrong The story starts out in an amusing manner, with a depiction of Garden City one of the high tech environmentally friendly little towns that have sprung up in the aftermath of an unclearly explained urban calamity The hero crosses over the river in a glider into the deserted city, and encounters a few other eccentrics there Soon they are on the road to rebuilding the city into a strange, distorted version of what it once was.The strongest pieces though, are some of the stories that follow In Low Flying Aircraft a couple are stuck in a mostly empty Costa Brava resort town An infertility epidemic has reduced the human population, and people and animals are giving birth to strange mutants A random pilot flies his little plane around the town, along with his companion, an attractive, blind girl At the end one sees that the pilot has a purpose, and that the freak births are seen as a new step in evolution.In The Dead Astronaut a couple goes to a mostly d...

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    There s an independent portuguese film based on this book, directed by a swedish lady Solveig Nordlund on 2003 never saw it I wish I did.

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    An pleasant little novella and short story collection mainly of mildly dystopic stories combined with a few sardonic ones It has that curious quality of whilst not striking you as brilliant writing you can nevertheless find it quite hard to put down One of the curious stories is the Beach Murders story found right at the end It has 26 paragraphs arranged alphabetically and its up to the reader to figure out the true order of a bawdy murder mystery It...

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    fairly varied selection of earlier Ballard the rating is for the better stories The Greatest Television Show on Earth 1972 and The Life and Death of God 1976 are nice and somewhat representative sa...

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    This is an interesting selection of stories and very Ballardian in style and content There are some well developed stories with characters with depth and others which are like concept pieces, both in their style and their content The Ultimate CityThis first story is a novella set in a post industrial world where the cities of the past were abandoned very suddenly The reduced population lives in idyllic, pastoral villages with environmentally friendly technology and an almost puritanical lifestyle The protagonist is an 18 year old man who flies a glider into the deserted city across the bay where he meets a number of outcasts living there Each is cultivating the abandoned spaces in their own homage to things past He entices a mute electronics genius and a violent ex murderer to help him revive a part of the city with promises and lies His experiment is a grotesque microcosm of our own industrial society which grows and destroys itself in a matter of months.This story has all the hall marks of a JG Ballard from the gaudy language of destruction and abandonment, the nostalgic tone and the raft of cultural criticisms implicit in the very environment Low Fly...

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    These are trademark Ballardian tales which summon up the works of painters like Giorgio De Chirico and Paul Delvaux, and musicians like Terry Riley and Jon Hassell instead of works of literature Here s the summary of the opening novella, The Ultimate City This lengthy story is set in the early mid 21st century Halloway is a young aviator and a resident of Garden City, a self supporting and advanced agrarian town of the post technological age Halloway finds everything in Garden City far too amiable, bovine and uncritical so he decides to visit a neighbouring ghost metropole which was evacuated in late 20th century when the world s reserves of fossil fuels had finally been exhausted Surrounded by all kinds of defunct machinery, abandoned cars, televisions, typewriters and buildings, Halloway meets the only remaining residents of the city Olds an extremely capable electrician who is mute and only able to communicate by using pocket calculators , Buckmaster a former prominent industrialist and visionary who is occupied with his dream of byilding monuments of dead machinery , Miranda Buckmaster s flower obsessed daughter and Mr Stillman a former petty criminal Always fascinated by the 20th century s limitless appetite for steel, power, concrete and raw materials, Halloway decides to reanimate the city and with the he...

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    Sometimes it pays to take a chance on a 4 book in a used bookstore I saw this quaint little paperback with totally 1970 s sci fi cover art in Housing Works two weeks ago and picked it up on a whim I was not disappointed The book leads off with a novella, The Ultimate City, about a man exploring an ancient abandoned city in an age when society has retreated to simple self sustaining garden villages In our age, where anyone with half a brain is quite rightfully fretful about the destructiveness of our modern way of life, it is a fun release to read this celebration and rediscovery of urban vice.The rest of the stories have a similar flavor human population declines after a worldwide epidemic of deformed births, a long dead astronaut returns to earth into the arms of a couple that has been waiting for years to put him to rest, an unsettling pattern is discovered in the emergence and sudden disappearance of child prodigies True to the pop sci fi horror...

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    A repurchase, ordered from Powells after selling it 7 or so years ago to sate late night drives to Portland forfor perusing the cathartic aisles of this pleasure palace Always nice to have some store credit Includes The Life and Death of God For my money, the best prose description of God and how proving Him won t make a difference in the long run, thus the death.The Greatest Television Show on Earth TV producers bank on a new reality program involving time travel then realize t...

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